Logistics Industry Stakeholders

Many parties may play a part in a single shipment, but each party uses separate data. Shippers, Carriers, Freight Forwarders and Brokers, 3rd-party Logistics Providers (3PLs), Customs and Regulators, Trade Finance and Insurers, and 3rd-Party App Developers are all examples of logistics industry stakeholders. SPoT receives and feeds data to your TMS, ERP, and analytics suites. Standardized APIs connect all your systems together and keeps everyone who needs to be, in the know. SPoT provides its users and app developers with the network and the building blocks required to automate and streamline logistics operations.

Accurate Information

Contemporary logistics needs transparent, immutable, and real-time, authenticated data. SPoT provides this using a purpose-built, logistics optimized blockchain. We help enterprises move from paper to smart contracts and eliminate the errors and ambiguity of old contract and information management systems.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts make explicit the business logic related to operations. They can be connected to external information sources like IoT devices or ERP systems to verify a shipment is proceeding as per the contract terms. Using SPoT, companies can aggregate all their contract information and have real time visibility into their financial exposure and operational status.

Always know what the terms of your contracts are and how it affects your deliveries, risk analysis and profit margins. Smart Contracts are computer programs that encode the contract details, commercial terms, and ongoing progress of a logistics transaction. Smart Contracts can replace paper BOLs, Master Service Agreements, and PODs. By combining SPoT and Smart Contracts your business will reduce data entry errors, clearly outline commercial terms, and avoid underinsurance, unauthorized handling, and other errors due to misinterpreted contracts.