OcamlPro is SPoT’s core technology development partner. Mostly staffed by PhDs and Postdocs in Computer Science, they most recently built the Tezos Blockchain Network and associated Smart Contracts. They have developed robust and Formally Verified systems for Airbus aircraft, Jane Street Capital trading systems, and other organizations that can’t tolerate bugs or security flaws in mission critical systems  They build systems using OCaml, a functional programming language with speed comparable to C++ and lending itself well to Formal Verification of code. 

OCaml is strongly typed and offers a type inference system, expressive syntax and semantics, and powerful pattern matching and higher-order modules. This makes it easy to concisely and correctly describe the type of logic underpinning blockchain-based protocols. The semantics of OCaml are rigorous and a very large subset has been formalized, removing any ambiguity as to the intended behavior of amendments or updates. OCamlPro is headed by Fabrice le Fessant, PhD and a Research Fellow at the INRIA Institute




Orkestrais building a Global Air & Ocean platform that enables Shippers to transact directly with Air and Ocean Carriers. By avoiding intermediaries with their markups, legacy systems, and outdated branch office structures, Orkestra delivers agility, visibility, and control to Shippers. Orkestra is headed by Heiner Murmann, formerly CEO for Global Air and Ocean at Schenker, the world’s third largest logistics firm.


4BL is a logistics application and services developer. They are currently developing customs entry, self-payment and audit, and payments applications that will run on the SPoT network.  


Provides automated verification of corporate identity using authoritative data from official government sources in over 80 countries worldwide. This translates into automated KYC, AML and KYB for users of the SPoT Network.