Systems for contemporary logistics

Accessibility, Visibility, and Accountability

SPoT is a modular platform for managing and procuring logistics and supply chain management services. Our blockchain-based ecosystem hosts third-party apps that manage your processes with accessibility, visibility, and accountability.

Apps built on SPoT are interoperable with each other at the transaction-event level. This allows organizations to assemble modular systems based on their specific needs quickly, at low costs, and without vendor lock-in. We help you manage relations with hundreds of smaller app vendors providing contract management and quality control through formal verification.

  • Accessibility - run your business from any platform, share information with vendors and clients, retain ownership of your data stored using open protocols

  • Visibility - full knowledge of the state of your business operations, finance and compliance

  • Accountability - store all of your transaction information immutably with proven audit trails

SPoT is tamper-proof, auditable, integrates with IoT sensors, and provides seamless solution to migrate to the automated supply chain of the future. It is open to 3rd parties to develop apps that facilitate broad and niche transactions while bypassing the high costs, lead times, and limits of proprietary legacy platforms.