Fabrice Le Fessant, PhD, chief scientific officer

Fabrice Le Fessant is a globally acknowledged expert in programming language theory and peer-to-peer systems. He is a researcher at the French Institute for Research in computer science and automation (INRIA) as well as Founder of OCamlPro. Fabrice led the development of the Tezos network, in partnership with Dynamic Ledger Solutions. He has developed leading smart contracting languages including Liquidity that use formal verification to ensure bug-free systems. He has developed open-source software platforms including  JoCaml, MLdonkey, MNPlightand LAMP. He is a member of the IRILL lab on open-source software and a member of the steering committee of the open-source working group in the Systematic cluster (GTLL).


Çagdas Bozman, PhD, senior engineer

Çagdasis a blockchain expert working in the field since 2015. He worked on the prototype of the Tezos ledger and is currently the lead developer of the TzScanblock explorer for Tezos. Previously, he worked at Dassault Systèmes on the extension of a real-time modeling language for discrete-event systems. Çagdas has a PhD in Computer Sciences from Ecole Polytechnique in tools for programming languages.


Alain Mebsout, PHD, senior engineer

Alain is a formal methods expert working on various blockchain related projects since 2016. He developed the Cubicle model checker for parameterized systems as well as the SMT solver Alt-Ergo for software verification. He was previously at the University of Iowa on a NASA funded project focused on the qualification of proof-producing tools like the software model checker Kind 2. At OCamlPro, he worked on the Tezos ledger, and he is now the lead developer of the smart-contract language Liquidity. He holds a PhD from Université Paris-Sud XI obtained in 2014 after working as an engineer for Inria.